Mr. Sattmann, you just founded your own enterprise „Concierge Service David Getya“. What is your vision?

Service should never end just because the guest has left the restaurant, the hotel or a club. It must be beyond. My Service should bridge the gap. Everyone who is looking for total satisfaction and can afford it should take it into account.

Why do we need a Concierge Service in Austria?

It works all over the world. In America it is a common thing to have a concierge in every apartment house – in order to care for the resident needs, 24/7. There is nothing similar in Austria, besides the concierge-desk in a hotel. Taking wealthy people into account who settle down in Vienna and are used to such a Service, no need to surrender. My enterprise is offering full service.

Can you give us an example?

A couple is invited to a special event but the babysitter cancels short-term. Or there is a birthday party on a sunday and you need a special cake within an hour. No worries, I can help. There are certain situations in life which are hard to handle – you may rely on my best efforts.

You are talking about wealthy people. Who is your target audience?

Millionaire, intermediate layer, average consumer. Even if you are just looking for tickets, e.g. a Robbie Williams concert, you can count on me. I am offering a wide range, but implementing my strategic focus on the premium segment.

You are offering special services on your homepage. Your key aspects?

Depends on the customer request. If you are looking for a style counseling, an expert who will accompany you to Paris in order to search for a special dress for an extraordinary occasion, there’s my „Private Shopping“-Tool. If you need „Event Consulting“, for example at the Alpbach economic symposium in August, you can directly contact me. My team will be looking after the clients concerns.

Concerns like…?

Accommodation, means of transport – I do have a „Limousine Service“, or programming skills, e.g. „Food and Beverage“.

You are quite young, in your early 30s. Are you qualified enough to lead such an extensive enterprise?

I grew up with gastronomy and hotel business and have now been in Vienna for ten years. I did internships and several apprenticeships. Afterwards I worked at Do & Co for seven years (Restaurant Manager at the Haas Haus in Vienna, Project Management at the BMW World in Munich and Manager of the Catering Division for VIP’s and special clients) that’s where I gained a lot of experience. I always had the concept of Service in mind. The term „Service“ can be interpreted extensively, I specialized on it. I am a niche product, some need it, some might need it and others just want to afford it.

A niche product? That sounds modest…

I am a „Start-up-enterprise“ and a „One-man-Show“. I am in the fortunate position to rely on a huge network. There are about 7200 contacts in my mobile phone, that’s equivalent to the population of my home community Velden in Carinthia. Confidentiality is highest priority, that is why I can not include too many people into my project.

Your name is David Sattmann, your enterprise is called „David Getya“. How did you come up with this name?

I had a client who was satisfied with my Service. He is an Ibiza-Fan and by chance we had been there at the same time. I managed to organize a 33-meters-Yacht, crew and everything else included. He was thrilled and according to the famous DJ David Guetta he said: „You are the real David Guetta.“ That’s how I came up with „David Getya“ (= to get you something).